1. Elections

    Logan County Election Department

  2. County Appraiser

    Find out who the County Appraiser is and discover which documents can be purchased through the Appraiser's Office and when the assessment deadlines are.

  3. District Court

    The district court offers marriage licenses, traffic, small claims, and protection orders.

  4. Emergency Management

    The Office of Emergency Management works with the general public, businesses and local government in their disaster planning.

  5. Logan County EMS

    Find out where the Logan County EMS is located and find contact information.

  6. County Health Department

    The County Health Department offers home health visits, immunizations, personal care, blood draws, and family planning.

  7. Noxious Weed Department / Prairie Dog

    The Noxious Weed Department / Prairie Dog is located in the Winona, KS. Responsibilities include Ag Chemical sales, Prairie Dog bait and application, and Noxious Weed control.

  8. Road & Bridge

    Find contact information for the County Road and Bridge Department.

  9. Rural Fire Department

    Find out who the rural fire chief and assistant rural fire chief is.

  10. Landfill

    Logan County Landfill