About the Chamber

The Oakley Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting the Oakley area as a wonderful and exciting place to live, work, and do business. A membership in the Oakley Area Chamber of Commerce shows you have a dedication and interest in building our community.

The main function of the Chamber of Commerce is to act as the spokesperson for the business and professional community, translates into action the group thinking of its members, renders specific services, and is vital to community growth and development.

The businesses and individuals which are the Oakley Area Chamber of Commerce are your friends, neighbors and your community. Whether you are a non-profit business, for-profit business, corporation, partnership, home-based business, farmer, rancher, student, teacher, senior-citizen, land-owner, or retiree, you can become a Chamber member. Our objective is to work together as a unified group to obtain results and progress for our community that we would not be able to as individuals.

Why Join?

The Chamber operates as a central organization to promote and expand the vitality of commerce within our community. Membership offers an ever-growing list of benefits. As a member, you become part of a large, exclusive network of resources including: idea-sharing, funding, volunteering, motivation, marketing, among others. These resources make the Chamber a rallying point for every civic activity aimed at benefiting the entire community.

The Chamber of Commerce is a living organization which receives its directives from its membership. One is inspired by Oakley's hospitality and the membership's dedication to supporting our community. We all are motivated to create productive collaboration and focus our energy in creating powerful things for Oakley and the surrounding area. We invite you to become a part of generating our future through joining with other community members within the Chamber.

We invite you to have a voice in vitalizing the Oakley Area Chamber of Commerce by becoming a Chamber member.
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