• All refuse containers (hoppers) are located in alleys and in relation to the street where there are no alleys.
  • All hoppers are owed by the City of Oakley. Paying customers may use any hopper within the City.
  • Items not allowed in the hoppers are: large and heavy items that would damage the refuse truck, used oil, paint cans that are not empty and dried out, and hazardous materials.
  •  Persons not residing within the City of Oakley, may use the City Landfill and pay the appropriate fee as stipulated by Landfill staff.

Refuse Rates


Type Rate
Residential (within city limits)
Residential (mobile home, apartments)


Type Rate
Offices, Daycare, Hairstyling, Fixit shops, Hobby, Jewelry Store, Private garage, Theaters, Pawn Shops

Hardware, Catalog store, Shoe store, Clothing store, Parts store, Pharmacy, Laundromat, Small garages,
Florist shops, Building contractors, Medical offices, Variety stores, Senior Center, Motels with 10 units or less

Utilities, Bowling alley, Donut shop, Plumbing, Drive-in restaurant, Small manufacturing, Lumber yards,
Taverns, Grain elevators, Truck wash, Service stations, Motels with 11 to 25 units

Furniture, Appliance, Discount stores, Car and implement dealers, Fast food, Small restaurants,
Garages, Fair building,  Banks, Other large offices

Rest homes, Private clubs, Meat markets, Small market, Convenience-discount store, Schools

Large restaurants, Educational Service Center, Hospital, Courthouse, Large motel with 26 or more units

Supermarkets $111.48

Outside of City Limits

Number of Hoppers & Frequency of Pickup
1 hopper, twice per month
1 hopper, 4 times per month
1 hopper, 8 times per month
Each extra hopper
All out of town refuse hoppers require an application and approval by the City Administrator or Landfill Director.
   Rural Refuse Application
  Tire disposal requires an additional fee. The City of Oakley Landfill is located one mile south on Highway 83 and ½ mile east on Day Dream Road.
Tire Type
Without Rim
With Rim
Car tire
$2 $6
Light truck
$2 $8
Truck tire
$5 $11
Heavy (up to 18.4 inches by 42 inches)
$12 $17
Small (up to 23.1 inches by 30 inches)
$27 $52
Large (23.5, 26.5, 30.5 inches)
$57 $82