Building Permits

Applications for Building Permits and Information Sheets are available at the City Office. Permits are subject to approval by the City Building Inspector and no new construction is allowed without a permit.

If a building permit it denied, a Variance Application Request may be submitted along with a $50 non refundable fee. The process for this takes approximately 30 days once submitted.

The City does not locate property lines, private sewer or water lines.

The following will require a building permit:
  • Additions
  • Commercial Constructions
  • External Alterations
  • Fences
  • Garages
  • Homes
  • Sheds
  • Signs
A permit is not required for placing siding on homes.

A permit is required if moving a building or shed into the City.

Underground Sprinklers

Underground Sprinkler Installations require an application filled out before installation begins and three different verifications during the installations. These verifications are checked and inspected by the utilities director

Back-Flow Preventers

Back-flow Preventers are required to be placed on all outside faucets to prevent the vacuuming of chemicals that can contaminate the water system. They can be purchased at the City office for $5 plus tax per preventer.

Oakley Municipal Code

The Oakley Municipal Code is now available.

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