About Oakley

At first Oakley may seem like just another stop along the road. But a closer look reveals a community in transition.

While holding strong to our agricultural roots, we are transforming ourselves into a modern city that offers something for everyone.


Our foundation is built on a rich history of good, hard-working people. Over a hundred years ago, pioneers came to this area to carve out a life for themselves. With a significant amount of hard work and working together, they thrived on the high-plains of Kansas. A century later, Oakley-area residents and businesses continue to believe that success comes from working hard and working together. That hard work and interdependence creates a sense of community not found in other cities. You'll understand this sense of community when you're driving around town. You can't get far without seeing a friendly wave and a smile, even if it's from someone you've never met.

Area Attractions

You don't have to be a resident to enjoy Oakley. The Oakley area offers several attractions that are worth seeing time and time again. At our visitor's center, The Wild West Historical Foundation tells the story of William F. Cody and the legendary hunt that took place near Oakley that won Cody his infamous title of Buffalo Bill. The twice life-sized bronze statue of Buffalo Bill on his favorite horse Brigham taking aim at a buffalo, is truly a magnificent sight to see. Monument Rocks, geologic remnants of the ancient ocean that once covered the region, are an excellent place to find fossils of ancient sea-creatures. Many fossils and other artifacts that have been collected depicting the history of our area are on display at the Fick Fossil and History Museum and the Keystone Gallery.


While we continue to take pride in our agricultural, geological and "wild west" history, we are also looking to the future. We are in the process of making use of another abundant natural resource here on the high plains: wind. Major wind-energy projects are in the works that will harness the power of the wind to generate electricity. These wind projects will generate more than electricity; they will generate jobs and revenue for the area. The Oakley area is poised to thrive far into the future.

So whether you stop in Oakley for a day or for a lifetime, you'll be glad you did. Stop for the Legend. Stay for the Day.